Multipurpose Wirelss Portable P.A. System

EP2001 Series
The 75W(RMS)/100W(MAX) Senrun EP2001 Series offer full line of AC/DC Powered portable sound systems. It has built-in anti-shock CD Player, Auto reverse Cassette Player and wireless microphones. It can be used in a large venue, for crowds up to 1,000.

EP300 Series
Handy, stylish, simple and easy to use is best described in the EP300 series. With built in 5 1/4” full range loudspeaker and 35W full power output, and UHF PLL 16 User Selectable Channel Wireless Microphone receiver module, the listeners always can hear loud and clear sound quality.

EP600 Series
The latest Brand New of Senrun Multipurpose Portable Wireless PA System EP600 Series has to be the high efficient and price affordable portable amplifier system. Powered by 45W(RNS)/60W(Max) output, it also equips with Digital-Amp Speaker, various audio devices such as Anti-Shock CD Player, MP3 Player and UHF PLL 16 User Selectable Channel Wireless Microphone.

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